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"There are few things in life that has a meaning or worth living for, one of those is building a foundation that humans will continue benefiting from after you had gone. This is what a founder do and this one could be YOU!!"

How We Can Help You?

Whether your are a founder or looking for a founder? we help you to understand the kind of founder that you can be or you can be working with, we have more than 17 types of founders and more than 1000 registered founders in Amman, Jordan alone. 

Founders Registration

We help you to register yourself as a founder so you focus on growing your skills, building your products and services and let investors and holding companies look for you.

Founders Search

We help investors, holding companies and planning organizations understand the founders talent caliber, offer new ways of collaboration and new ways of innovation.,

Founders Review and Stats

The only people that will judge you, are the people that know you and know about your experiences, it is not only that but your history will be known to planners, so we allow the strongest to lead.

Founders Marketing

Is it time to jump ships, the tragedy of being a founder that in many cases, your skill sets are not much appreciated by companies, sometimes you just need to make the transition because things stopped working, we help you to do this.

Team Building Proposals

Sometimes, you are working on of the hardest technical, business and economical challenges, you really need team that combine between agility, experience and inventiveness. Founders Search has a tremendous experience and will be happy to help!!

Early Talents Scouting

Sometimes, it is too early to be described as a founder, founders search try to scout for the best talents in an active way to make sure we find the best out there!!!

Popular Semi-Democratic Business Leadership

Founders Search allows popular founders to raise to the top of the organization ladder. While early reviews will always be made on their skills and performance metrics, reviews from people will help giving businesses popularity in lines with the popularity of their founders.

Finding Great Co-Founders

One of the biggest problems for establishing a business is to be able to find a great founder that shares your passion and mission. Founders search can help you find and allocate great co-founders.

Featured Founders

Salam Katanani

Shoaib Rashid

Ismael Tamr

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